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  • Guangzhou International Optics Fair together with Danyang Glasses Association Compose a song of Development

    The preparatory work of Guangzhou International Optics Fair is in full swing. On November 28, under the leadership of the chairman and general manager Li Mincong of the fair organizer Guangzhou Guangbai Real Estate Co., Ltd., members of the organizing committee took their third visit to Danyang, where they visited Danyang Glasses Association and described the preparatory work to the secretary-general Tang Jinbin and the vice chairman Du Jian of the Association.
    Danyang, known as "China's city of glasses", is the world's largest production base of lens and Asia's largest distribution center for optical products. Paying great attention to fair publicity and taking full advantage of large-scale professional fair platform to get the latest market information, the aggressive glasses enterprises in Danyang, with their character of perseverance and attitude of entrepreneurial dedication, have been widely recognized in the market. In recent years, Danyang optical industry develops by leaps and bounds, and has maintained a growth rate of around 20% for three consecutive years.
    During the meeting, Li Mincong introduced the preparations for the fair to secretary-general Tang Jinbin and the vice chairman Du Jian of Danyang Glasses Association, including: great support got from Hong Kong Optical Manufacturers Association and Indonesia and Malaysia merchants and Guangdong Optical Association. Tang Jinbin expressed concern about this Fair, predicted a good development prospect for it and also expressed that the organizing committee would carry out publicity and investment actively in Danyang There were two cooperation programs reached after the discussion: 1. Danyang Glasses Association will establish a delegation of local enterprises to participate in the Fair. 2. Make publicity of Guangzhou International Optics Fairon the professional newspapers and journals organized and co-organized by Danyang Glasses Association.
    We also held Fair publicity conferences for representatives of Zhenjiang Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce and Danyang Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, as well as enterprises in Danyang optics industry. We have also visited enterprises in Danyang glasses center, publicized the Fair door to door, and have received high recognition from glasses merchants, among which several have expressed their intention to participate this Fair.
    We have learned a lot through this visit to Danyang. Many glasses manufacturers with strong publicity awareness and urgent pioneering development demand are major exhibitors of various domestic optical industry fairs; Danyang chamber of commerce and manufacturers’ representatives spoke positively of Guangzhou, and they thought that Guangzhou glasses market had provided them with a platform for product growth. Meanwhile, Guangzhou is a very charismatic city, with developed exhibition economy and clustered merchants. We believe that Guangzhou International Optics Fair will provide a good opportunity for Danyang glasses enterprises to merge into the world.
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