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  • Guangzhou International Optics Fair’s Visit to Shenzhen Longgang
    Led by the deputy general manager Zhang Fan of Guangzhou Guangbai Real Estate Co., Ltd., members of the organizing committee of Guangzhou International Optics Fair took their visit to Henggang Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen on January 8, 2012, where they participated in the 2011 Annual Conference and the New Year Good Wishes Meeting of Guangdong Optical Association. Zhang Fan made ​​a passionate speech at the conference, calling for the glasses enterprises in Guangdong region which is domestic largest glasses production base and sales market to actively participate in the 2012 Guangzhou International Optics Fair, to exhibit their best products, most advanced technology, innovative design concepts and most competitive prices and show their strength to the world. The speech has caused a strong resonance among the participating companies, and the conference has been concluded successfully in the warm applause of glasses entrepreneurs.
    During the conference, Zhang Fan had cordial conversations with chairman Chen Hongbiao and vice chairman Yang Ziming, Luo Binle, Luo Yuxi and Ling Xueshi of Guangdong Optical Association, and expressed great thanks for their support to the Optics Fair and congratulations for the smooth holding of the annual conference of Guangdong Optical Association. And also, members of the organizing committee had depth exchange with some giants and leaders in optics industry including head Zhou Lunbin of Guangzhou Institute of Measurement and Testing, president Li Chunfang of Asia Optical Manufactory Ltd., and president Zhang Mingqiang of Huaqiang Glasses Factory, etc., who showed strong concern and interest in this Fair, and agreed to further explore the Fair-related matters with the organizing committee after the new year festival. This successful visit will definitely push the publicity work of the Fair to a new height.
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